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Dan Bilawsky - All About Jazz - August 2019

From the opening title track over to the Eric Alexander-graced “That Sunday, That Summer and “Funny (Not Much) everything is fine and mellow. Completely avoiding kitschy Cole and seriously upbeat avenues, Bearde soothes, seduces, and cements his place as an inheritor of Nat King Cole’s cool.

Patrick Van de Wiele - Keys and Chords - The Netherlands- August 2019

“Nicolas Bearde’s tribute to Nat King Cole contains 10 fresh new arrangements of Nat’s timeless songs, which Bearde delivers in a warm and jazzy way”…sounding as fresh as when they were originally recorded.

Dodie Miller-Gould - LemonWire -August 2019

All songs on “I Remember You: The Music of Nat King Cole are a joy to hear. Not only for their connection to a bygone era and a great singer, but for their current interpretation that makes them new again…

Alix Cohen - Cabaret Scenes - August 2019

“Bearde's voice is savory and warm, with occasional sand. The vocalist is easy going, sympathetic and thoughtful, and his jazz inflection is respectful of the melodies. He breathes lyrics.”


"A jewel always shines brightest when placed in just the right setting, and boy does this album, INVITATION, emphasize that point.  When Nicolas Bearde's soulful and affecting baritone sits atop these impeccably tailored arrangements of sterling standards, the results are absolutely stunning..."


Peter Quinn - Jazz Wise - London - February 2016

"Nicolas Bearde's fifth release sees the San Francisco Bay Area vocalist present his first entirely straight-ahead set, soul-stirring and beautifully delivered. The album settles into a relaxed ballad tempo, with Bearde luxuriating in the rubato sections that frame a glowing reading of Jobim's "Dindi", and a gorgeous, iridescent reading of Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage". Guest alto saxist Vincent Herring lights up a trio of songs with coruscating solos, and Nat Adderley Jr.'s apposite piano accompaniment and sumptuous voicings always hit the aesthetic sweet spot. But it's the palpable rapport between pianist and vocalist which elevates INVITATION to greatness."

Christopher Loudon - Jazz Times - March 2016

"Where jazz intersects soul, there are few more satisfying stylists than Nicolas Bearde, a richly impressive amalgam of Bill Withers and Billy Eckstine."

George Harris - Jazz Weekly - March 2016

"Vocalist Nicolas Bearde shows his heart for Johnny Hartman on this attractive collection of sensuously swinging mood tunes."


What does Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra charter member sing on his own solo album?  On January 29th, 2016, the singer goes strictly straight-ahead on his fifth album, "INVITATION", with the productive value of Cannonball Adderley's nephew, Nat Adderley, Jr - best known for his work with Luther Vandross.

Ron Weinstock - Jazz-Blues Magazine (page 15)- May 2016

San Francisco based vocalist Nicolas Bearde has hit the musical home run with his new recording “Invitation.” This was produced by Nat Adderley Jr., who plays piano on most of this with a variety of others present, the most famous being saxophonist Vincent Herring who is heard on 3 of the 9 songs


Bill Buckley - Soul and Jazz and Funk / England

'Invitation' is Nicolas' fifth solo offering and the 9 tracker is master class in straight ahead jazz vocals. Most of the songs are drawn from the Great American songbook –with the obvious exception being a rare vocal treatment of Herbie Hancock's 'Maiden Voyage'. 

Leslie Katz - SF Examiner

September 11, 2014

Nicolas Bearde stresses jazz in new collaboration

Veteran Oakland soul and jazz vocalist Nicolas Bearde is in a good place in his career.

“At this point in life, I do concerts and select venues and the kind of music that I want to do,” the smooth-voiced singer — he deliciously sounds like the late Lou Rawls — says in a phone interview to promote his Saturday gig in San Francisco. 

But Bearde, whose lengthy résumé includes self-releasing four albums, touring the world with Bobby McFerrin as well as acting in movies, on TV and with major Bay Area theater troupes, is most excited about his latest project: a collaboration with Nat Adderley Jr., who was Luther Vandross’ musical director for 20 years.

Unlike his previous recordings, which he made under mounting pressure, Bearde is taking his time with his new, still untitled, album.

 SF Examiner